I have some guest posts waiting in the wings from our very own, and venerable, Myk Habets. In lieu of those postings, I have something a bit off theme, from the blog here; although let me try to work it into an Evangelical Calvinist framework. I was put onto this by a budding TF Torrance scholar Adam Nigh (thanks Adam — he has this posted at his blog).

You’ll have to realize, I’m a fan of TFT (duh ­čśë ); and if you didn’t know TF was quite the scientist (esp. in re. to the philosophy of science). TFT, as I understand it, was what one might call a Theistic Evolutionist or its more mild version a Progressive Creationist (hey, he was/is a man, he’s not perfect ­čśë ). Anyway, it shouldn’t then shock you that I’m also interested in the philosophy of science (although my readings in this area have waned). I actually like Intelligent Design ‘science’; and I’ve struggled with this, especially since an EC’r does not place a high premium on ‘natural theology’. But, Torrance offers a nice way to deal with this; a way to place the “natural sciences” into the service of the Gospel through a ‘stratification of knowledge’. I’m not going to try and unfold all of this (Myk has two guest posts over at my other blog that explains this much more robustly [in re. to TFT’s approach to Natural Theology and a ‘theology of nature’]).

Anywho, here’s that video Adam Nigh has over at his blog:

H/T: Adam Nigh

What I want to highlight, between the naturalism that this video flows from and the approach that EC takes, is that we EC’rs believe that this kind of rampant Naturalism (worship of creation) needs to be reversed; it needs to be stamped out. We EC’rs believe that without Christ, videos like this make sense; without union with Christ’s humanity (‘divinised’ by His divinity, not swallowed up though — ‘glorified humanity’ if you will) by the Holy Spirit — belief states like the one represented here are sensical. That’s why the EC message is so important, it liberates man out of himself, into Christ’s self; and places us in right orientation to the rest of creation, which is reign over it as ‘Priests’ . . . that is, not worship it. EC’rs stand in awe of the Creator, as this scientist stands in awe of creation; and we do so out of┬áthe love┬áthat the Son of God shares with the Father through the communion of the Holy Spirit┬á(okay a stretch, but I wanted to highlight this interesting video, and add another wrinkle and flavor to the blog here).

By the way, a strange but intriguing video.