HI everyone! This is Angela, Bobby’s wife.  Bobby just finished up his 8th cycle of chemo.  He spent 4 days in the hospital this time (he spent his birthday there :-().  He is pretty wiped out and frankly I am worried about him.  This is the cycle that usually lands him back in the hospital with severe sideaffects from the chemo.  I am asking for intesive and specific prayer that Bobby WILL NOT have severe sideaffects and WILL NOT have to be re-admitted.  Thank you so much for your support, you don’t know how much it means to us!  Even though this has been such a hard journey (a nightmare, really), the LORD has shown HIS faithfulness through out.  I will keep you updated on how Bobby does in the next few days of recovering.  Blessings to all!

Hello all! It’s Angela again.  Well, yesterday Bobby had his post-op appt with the surgeon.  They removed his staples and now he’s much more comfortable.  But the really amazing, super duper, awesome news is that the pathology on tumor came back!  And, drum roll please…the tumor was OVER 95% DEAD!  Also, the lymphnodes were clear and they got clean margins on the tumor!  We were so excited! Even the surgeon said, you can’t get better than that. Bobby cried and I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Praise the LORD!”   On the flip side, the oncologist wants to start Bobby’s follow-up chemo in just two weeks.  This pretty much took the wind out of our sails.  Only two more weeks for Bobby to recover? We understand the reasoning, but it’s pretty discouraging.  We’ve decided to just take one day at a time and focus on all the miracles that God has performed through this trial.   HE’s been so faithful and gracious to us and we KNOW that HE will continue to show HIS faithfulness.  The pathology report is such an answer to prayer.  We are thanking the LORD for killing that nasty tumor!!!  Bobby is still recovering really well.  Some requests would be that he would gain the weight back that he lost during the 5 days in the hospital (about 10lbs) and that he’d get his appetite back (hence making it easier to gain weight).  He’s been taking short walks and enjoying the brief sun breaks we’ve had. 🙂  Just pray that God would work a miracle in Bobby’s body in the next two weeks, so that he can enter the chemo with strength!  Blessings to all…

Hello everyone, this is Angela again, Bobby’s wife!  Well, yesterday was the one week mark for Bobby’s surgery! Wow, that went by fast! He’s still doing really well.  Basically, he’s sleeping a lot, which is what his body needs right now.  He’s trying to wean down from the pain meds, as he doesn’t like how they make him feel.   I would have to agree with him, as pain meds make me feel “weird” too.   The vascular docs are still calibrating his blood thinners in order to get him to a “theraputic level”.   He has frequent labs to get this on track.  It should be all calibrated by next week.  Just want to thank you all so, so, so much for the support.  Sometimes this process has felt very lonely, but the LORD always reminds me (us) of all the answered prayers and miracles that we have witnessed through this process.  Please continue to pray for Bobby’s complete recovery!  I have been feeling a lot stress lately and anxiety comes with that.  Just leaning on the LORD.  The LORD has been ministering to me/us through this verse: 

Matthew 11:28-30

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Blessings to you all in Jesus Christ!

Hello everyone! This is Bobby’s wife, Angela, I am overjoyed to report that Bobby is now free of cancer! The surgeon said the surgery could not have gone any better! He is recovering really well.  He has been in ICU for the last two nights, but today they are moving him to his regular room.  They are slowly removing all the tubes/monitors that they had in him for the surgery and he is having good pain control.  He was so relieved to find out that they got all the tumor out.  Everyone is calling the surgery a success!  Both surgeons complimented eachother on the other’s work.  Athough he is doing so well, we still have some prayer requests:

*That the vein graft will heal smoothly and not get infected or develop any clots.

*That his heart rate will go down to a normal level (he’s been up around 140 and they want him under 120).

*That his left kidney will continue to work smoothly.

*That his overall recovery will continue to go smoothly.

Bobby is in great spirits, albiet a bit groggy from the pain meds.  🙂  We thank you all so very much for your prayers and support.  We cannot begin to convey our appreciation to all of you!  We told Bobby’s surgeon that there were people all over the world praying, and he thought that was cool.  I’m sure that as soon as Bobby is up to it, he’ll back on his blogs.  😉

Praising the LORD for his mercy, faithfulness, healing and love for us!