If you’re unaware about what I need prayer for here are two posts that explain:

I Need Prayer, My Family Too!

An Update: “The Biopsy”

Thank you guys, your prayers mean everything!

5 Responses to “Please Continue to Pray”

  1. fernando Says:

    please pray for me to find a job

  2. fernando Says:

    very urgently i need a job please pray for me

  3. KANNA BABU Says:

    greetings from Jesus…..
    i am a pastor in India….please pray for us and our ministry in India it’s been hard time facing i have an orphan ministry no funds from anywhere to orphans if any one is inspired from the holy spirit of god please i request you to call…….+917702484271 ….
    orphans have no building and beds they sleep on floor even they like to study but stopped due to the finance reason is i humbly convey to you pray for us…………thanking you every prayer is very comfort for me and to orphans ,,,,,,,,

    1. Bobby Grow Says:

      We will be praying, Kanna.

      And thank you for your prayer support, as well!

      1. kanna babu Says:

        hello dear brother hope you fin and well protected by the grace of God…i have been fin here by the grace of God and doing activities and desire of God to fullfill till my last breath…i have one request would you please pray for this matter…..
        i have an orphanage ministry as i have tild you previously it is being ran with 32 orphans they have been so happy and two of them kids have been dead and been with lord as the bible says….
        now one kid is in sevior condition and she was taken to hospital …doctors said that to leave hopes upon here it is to much expensive for her to cure….
        please pray for us and tell others to pray for this kid heal as early as possible we have been taking fastings and praying to God to heal…
        if any one is insired please tell them to have sacrificial hearts towards this samll kids…
        my num is
        and please send your number to me so that i can contact with you…
        thanking you
        expecting to hear from you….

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